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Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2

Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2

Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2   Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2
(Size) : About f 11.5 × H 6.0 cm / f 4.52 × H 2.36 inch. (Origin) : Made in Japan / Hagi yaki ware. Hagi yaki Pottery (, Hagiyaki) is one of the most famous pottery types in Japan.

The skills for making this craft was imported into Japan from Korea in the early 1600s. The characteristic features of Hagi-yaki are its unique soft texture and the fine cracks(Kan-nyu) patterns caused by the raw material clay and glaze. If you use Hagi-yaki for many years, the ingredients of tea etc in to the part of fine cracks(Kan-nyu), and texture will changes. This phenomenon is called "Hagi no nanabake"(various changes). We are giving a soft gloss and texture unique to pottery.

Clay used for Hagi ware is coarse, and due to its texture, color of ware is unique. This characteristic is highly appreciated by tea enthusiasts. [How to handle Hagi ware].

1 When using for the first time, immerse it in water overnight, and remove dust and odor of packaging material. 2 There is no glaze applied to foot of Hagi ware , the bottom of pottery containing sand is rough and may hurt the table. Use a rug or if you touch the foot (thread bottom) concerned about roughness, we recommend that you treat it so that it becomes smooth with sandpaper. 3 Hagi ware has not set as much as the porcelain between the particles of the soil and the particles. Therefore, there may be water leakage.

While using it will stop naturally due to penetration of tea etc. Regarding our products, we are working hard to leak water, but if leakage should be continued, once the product is dried well, put in a rice gruel and funori, soak it for about 6 hours it will stop. 4 When dishes are used with strong foods such as acidity, oils and alcoholic beverages, they penetrate and become stains, offensive odors, stickiness, so please avoid keeping this liquid for long time. Before use, if you soak in water and let the water suck up enough, it will be difficult to suck the liquid of the dish and the greasiness.

As we continue to use it, the color gradually follows the intrusion, but since this change in texture is one of the characteristics of Hagi ware, you can enjoy the secular change. 5 Please dry well before storing the dishes.

If there is moisture, it may cause mold. Especially for Hagi ware, it is easy to absorb moisture, so please dry completely before storing it. Microwave , dishwasher can be used. However, depending on the type of food, dirt may adhere to craze due to use of microwave.

Due to the characteristics of Hagi ware, colors, patterns, shapes, etc. Please enjoy the slightly different charm of each facial expression. If it is urgent, please use EMS which is suitable for the products under 2kg after packaging. It is comparatively safe and stable.

Post offices in Japan are usually closed on weekends. Thank you for your consideration. We will not able to accept for you to return the item when you are not satisfied with the item.

It was different from what you thought It was not your taste. We try our best to state the information about the item as much as possible. Also, it is more than welcome if you would like to ask questions about the item. If a damaged item is delivered to you, you will need to take a photorecord a movie of the damaged item and send them to me.

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Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2   Hagi yaki pottery Japanese Pair rice bowl tea cup Traditional style set of 2